Nicknamed "Whitie", Robert Kincaid was a Rigger with the 419 squadron ground crew, seen at left in an enlargement taken from a group photo while at Trenton.

Below while overseas with 419 Squadron looking after VR-D in this case KB738, the ground crew along with members of the aircrew are photographed in front of VR-D "Dorothy.

What makes finding the name of this LAC is that he was one of the members of my father's ground crew. LAC Kincaid is the far left of the bottom row, my father is the Sergeant fourth from left bottom row. So far he is the only member of Sgt. Logan's crew where the family has contacted me.

The photo hung in both homes, the Kincaid and my own for many years. Neither photos had names on the back. The Kincaid family contacted me and another small piece of the puzzle came together.

Another photo of KB738 VR-D "Dorothy" with the ground crew with Kincaid left most bottom row.

Taken in front of Cessna Crane 8847 at Trenton, LAC Kincaid second from left.

Photos Collected by Robert Kincaid

The Cessna Cranes in the photos, 8846,8840 and 8847 were all out of Trenton Central Flying School and were retired to #6 Repair Depot for storage after the war. Interestingly all three had over 2,000 hrs on them with no record of overhauls.

Also a series of photos from his collection, showing how the ground crew trainees kept busy at Trenton. A US marked Texan has tried to roam over the fence.