As rank of Sergant, Fraser was part of F/O Byford's crew as an Air Gunner.

The crew is first listed all together in the Operations Log on an operation to Stuttgart on the night of 26/27 November 1943 flying in Halifax JD456.
The crew which stayed together until July 1944 consisted: F/O Byford Pilot
F/O Daly Navigator
Sgt. Prentice Bomb Aimer
Sgt. Tenny Wireless Op.
Sgt. Holder F/E
Sgt. Darnley Rear Gunner

Sgt. Tenny was replaced later becoming ill on the start of one of the crews missions on May 24th 1944. Being replaced for one operation.

Awarding of DFM

Sgt. Fraser later P/O Fraser was awarded the DFM personally by King George at Middleton St. George, for his actions in helping the crew escape not one but two separate attacks by night fighters on the same operation.

On this particular operation to Leipzip on the night of February 19th. on board Halifax "E", Sgt. Fraser was in the tail gunner position. Sgt. Fraser noticed the fighter about a 1,000 yds off and below his aircraft.
At approximately 500 yards both the enemy aircraft posibly a JU-88, and Fraser opened fire, while the Halifax went into a corkscrew evasive manoeuver. The rear guns quickly jammed and became useless and about the same time the motor for the rear turret was hit by cannon fire and put out of action. Luckly this attack broke off. The gun fire directed from the rear turrt may have been short in duration but was mentioned as accurate.The attack as mentioned left the rear turret out of action as well as the guns still being jammed (noted elseware as a #2 position stoppage).

Remaining at his disabled and vunerable post he was able to provide the pilot F/O Byford with information that helped in making evasive manoeuvers during the second attack on the aircraft while heading home. The crew returned safely and continued their duties until being screened out of 419 squadron in July 1944. Sgt. Fraser was promoted that same month to Pilot Officer.
There are two other Combat Reports showing actions taken against the Byford crew prepared by Sgt. Fraser.

No mention is made of his being posted elsewhere or do I see his name in the Ops log past July of 1944.