On the night of March 11 Wellington Z1077 crashed on return from an Operation from Essen.

On landing flapless downwind the aircraft ran off the end of the runway. It then colliding with an air raid shelter.

There were no serious injuries reported to the almost entirely RAF crew.

Sgt. J.H. Foy Pilot RAF
Sgt. F.D. Bardour RCAF 2nd. Pilot
Sgt. Falkinder Navigator RAF
Sgt. F.M. VanGuen RCAF Wireless Operator
Sgt. J.H.F. Munday WAG RAF
P/O B.L. Keyon Air Gunner RAF

Sgt. Van Guen

Sgt. Van Guen would later be killed on July 14 1942 while acting as Wireless Operator on X3416 piloted by Bail Pearce.

P/O Kenton

P/O Kenyon after completing one Tour with 419 would return in 1943 and assigned role of Gunnery Leader at 419. While on an operation on the night of September 16/17th the Halifax he was on , LW240 was brought down. All the crew became POWs or Evaders.
F/L Kenyon, initially evaded capture but was caught several days later. He became well known for his drawings of the Great Escape published in a number of books including the one by Paul Birch. He also took part in the forgery of documents used by the escapers in the Great Escape at Stalag Luft III. As a result of this forgery works his eyesight was impaired for the rest of his life. But he did continue on in his work as artist once the war was over.