The Beginings

The crew arrived from Base61 on July 15th 1944. They began their first opeation on July 28/29 on VR-N. The crew flew on most of their operations on KB715 VR-T.
The last operation was in late November 27th of 1944.

The Crew on arrival

F/S A.C. Weston crew:
F/O J.H. McKellar –Navigator
F/O J.H. MacKay-Bomb Aimer
Sgt. Roy Clarke – Wireless Operator/Gunner
Sgt. S.A. Musto RAF – Flight Enginner
WOI K.F. McCallum – Air Gunner, Mid-Upper
Sgt. W.H. Murrell –Air Gunner, Rear Gunner

Combat Report July 28 1944

Roy Frederick Clarke Sept. 7 2009

On Sept. 7 2009 , Mr. Clarke former member of the Weston crew passed away at Sunnybrooke Center in Toronto.
Mr. Clarke was a founding member of ACA Toronto Branch, Ex-gunners of Toronto.