On December 31st 1944, F/O G.L. Smith and his crew reported to 419 Squadron from No. 76 Base. The crew appears to have changed from the time of arrival until their first operation together.
Listed as arriving with the other members of the crew were Navigator F/O H.B. Rubin and WAG F/O F/O L.M.McKinnon. There are no records of these two airmen after that date.
For F/O Smith he would find he was the third pilot named Smith with the squadron during this time. One was posted to another squadron a few months later and the second F/O William "Smitty" Smith was to fly many of the same operations, Smitty with VR-B and G.L VR-C for most ops.

By January 7th of '45 Smith had completed his second op as 2nd. Pilot and was ready to take on operational duties. The crews first operation did not occur until March 11th; the crew was now
Navigator F/O J.A.F. Miller
B/A F/L A.J. Skinner
WAG P/O N.S.Croucher
F/E Sgt. J.J. McCann
A/G F/O J.P. Goyette
A/G F/O J.J. Calder

Together they would complete 11 operations before the air war wound down. Mostly flying VR-C "Chopper" which would be the aircraft F/L Smith would return home to Canada on June 10th 1945
( I could not find F/O G.L. Smith's name, I would really like to find out more about him for this website.)