Described as having a warm personality and a strong golf swing proven by the seven cups he won. Athletic abilities in swimming and basketball were he was star player at the Collegiate Institute in his home town of Brantford Ontario. He was also a good student securing his senior matriculation. With plans for university to study chemistry he worked as apprentice for the local drug store.
His enlistment came early in the war his first stop was No.1 Manning Depot in Toronto, then on to further training until He received his wings at No. 5 S.F.T.S. at Brantford his home town. And by September of 1941 was sent overseas where he took part in the African campaign. Letters to home indicated even with all the discomforts of life on an African base he still had the humorous nature that friends and family remembered.
Becoming a Pilot Officer in November of 1943 and in 1944 was mentioned for gallantry in the King's New Years Honours List.
On April 22nd. 1944 the 24 year old Pilot Officer E. "Bill" Smith was posted to 419 Squadron along with his crew. He completed eight ops. On his ninth trip an operation conducted against Sterkrade his aircraft See KB734. was lost. No full details on the loss only that it came down at Zeist (Utrect). All but two members of the crew were killed. Sgt. Robert Porter became an Evader and Sgt. J.W.A. Trussler was captured.
Some mention of his Lancaster exploding could be found in his home town news clipping.
Posthumously promoted to Flight Lieutenant he also received posthumously the RCAF Operational Wings (December 1946) in recognition of gallant service in action against the enemy.