Submitted by Larry Jarvis

P/O Moon Mid Upper Gunner for F/L Roy Kent crew

I do not know much about Forbes other than he was a childhood acquaintance of Lee Morgan and was not married.

Lee Morgan first met Forbes Moon (Tim) in the fall of 1938 when Lee moved to Highland Creek (Ontario). They became good friends and spent a lot of time fishing and hunting together as teenagers. When Lee moved to Toronto in 1940, the two kept in touch but Lee did not know that Tim had joined the RCAF until they met in pre-flight training in Quebec City in August of 1943.

Because their last names were alphabetically close together, Forbes and Lee were assigned to the same training locations in Canada and overseas. Since the Whitley bomber ( training aircraft used at No.24 OTU ) only had a rear gun turret, they did not get to fly together until the crews first leaflet mission to Paris.

Tim was an excellent gunner having exceptional grades in school and was an excellent shot. Lee Morgan (tail gunner) told me that during an attack by an F190, Tim saw it coming first from above and because of his alertness, the crew evaded the fighter which Lee later got credit for opening fire on.

Lee said "Forbes was the best and did not receive the credits he deserved. He will always be missed by me and no crew had a better gunner than Forbes. I will always think of him as my best friend." When they were not flying, Forbes and Lee spent their spare time touring on their motorcycles.

Forbes Moon (Tim) was selected by Roy Kent to be part of his crew when they were at No. 24 OTU at Long Marston early in 1944. Roy selected him because his was at the top of his class in gunnery school.

Forbes and the Roy Kent crew were posted to the 419th squadron at Middelton St. George arrived on May 26 1944. The crew flew 32 operational missions between June and October 1944. By August of 1944 he had been promoted to Flight Sergeant quickly followed in September with a commission and rank of Pilot Officer.

P/O Moon was screened from the squadron on November 11th 1944 and was posted to "R" Depot prior to returning to Canada.