Submitted by Larry Jarvis

F/O Lamourea Bomb Aimer for F/L Roy Kent crew

Born in Callender Ontario on July 27,1922. Fred was brought into the world with a spoonful of whiskey by Dr. Dafoe who also delivered the famed Dionne Quintuplets. Fred's mother was 17 years old when he was born and he was not supposed to live through the night. Fred and his mother lived in a converted chicken coop for many years. Fred had gone to pilot training, but like so many young men (only 1/3 made it through) did not make it and was diverted to bomb aimer training.

The bomb aimer's compartment was situated in the front of the aircraft at a level below that of the main cockpit. Lying on his stomach and looking through the bombsight out the large perspex blister, the bomb-aimer would guide the aircraft to the target and release the bomb load. As well, the bomb-aimer was responsible for operating the front gun turret positioned directly above him, although this was not necessary on most operations since attacks from enemy planes usually came from behind or underneath the aircraft.

Fred was selected by Roy Kent at No. 24 OTU in Long Marston in the first part of 1944. Roy said he selected him because he had had some pilot school experience and he felt that if something happened to him as pilot, Fred might be able to fly the plane and get it back to England.

Fred was a member of the Roy Kent crew stationed at Middleton St. George arriving on May 26 1944 and flying 32 missions between June and October 1944.