The Prior VR-U KB767

KB767 had severe damage inflicted on it during an operation on Novemeber 1st. 1944. From that date until January 6th the squadron had no aircraft showing the VR-U. On that January date KB767 made a resurection from the damage done to her and flew an operation with many of the same crew as had returned with her to Manston months ealier.
The return was a short one, KB767 flew one other operation on January 7/8 before she was replaced.

KB823 the New VR-U

KB823's first operation was on the night of January 14/15th. For the next 27 operations a number of different crews would be assigned operations using VR-U. P/O J.C. McNeil however was the most repetitive captain of "Lily Marlene", ten operations in total with VR-U.
Who selected the name and gave it to KB823 is not known to me and it would be interesting to find out.

Lily Marlene Returns to Canada

On June 12th KB823 VR-U, "Lily Marlene" arrived back in Canada flown by P/O J.C. McNeil.
Although shown on a number of sites that KB823 was returned to Canada by an other squadron, it was flown home by 419 Squadron as VR-U. Other squadrons are listed as having KB823 On Strength, but between January 14th and June 12th 1945 "Lily Marlene" was a Moose aircraft.
On January 27th. 1948 the aircraft was scapped along with many other air warriors that fought to give us our Freedom.

The McNeil crew:

F/S G.N. Cross Navigator
F/S A.S. Sullivan Bomb Aimer
WO Herbert J. PaisleyWAG
Sgt. W.A. Frost F/E
F/S J.L. Girardin Air Gunner
Sgt. G.C. Couzens Air Gunner

Herbert James Paisley, the McNeil crew Wireless Operator passed away December 22 2007 in Winnipeg.