The Life of KB700 in Photos Page 1

As entered in Squadron ORB January 2/3 1945
On returning from this operation,KB700, piloted by F/L A.G.R. Warner, overshot the runway on landing and when taxiing back to the perimeter track, hit a trench digger; a fire started and the aircraft was almost completely destroyed.
KB700 was the first Canadian built Lancaster and was delivered to the Squadron just over a year ago. It was used for some considerable time as a training plane, having dual controls fitted, and all of the Squadron's original Lancaster crews were converted from Halifax II's to Lancaster X's on her.
KB700 was christened "The Ruhr Express" and it met this inglorious fate on completion of its 50th sortie.
Later news was added that poblems with the hydraulic flaps had caused the landing problem. KB700 was sitting astride the runway blocking the landing of other Lancasters. Warner tried to manouver the aircraft off the runway to make it clear for others to come in.