From his home at Peace River Alberta, Halkett traveled to Edmonton to join the RCAF on February 6th 1941. Completed pilot training at No. 4 SFTS at Saskatoon before heading overseas. Arriving in Britain around September of 1941 he was posted to No. 15 squadron flying Stirling bombers and completing 30 operations. In October 1942 he was awarded the DFC and was presented it by the King at Buckingham Palace in 1943.

Posted to 419 squadron

Following his 30 operations tour he was posted to a O.T.U. before being posted to 419 squadron where he completed another 20 operations.
February 1st. 1945 found Halkett and crew on an operation to Ludwigshaven, light flak but numerous enemy fighters were to oppose Lancaster VR-T, Halkett's aircraft. The night-fighter activity was described as sharper then had been seen of late. Another 419 Lancaster was interrupted in it's bombing run by two enemy fighters approaching it in an attack formation. F/O Bruyns who was flying this second Lancaster took evasive action.
But the pair of night-fighters seemed to have their sights on "Trudy Terrific" VR-T . And attacked F/L Halkett's aircraft which was in it's bombing run sending tracers towards VR-T but missing their mark. The ME-410 was thrown off track by the quick actions of Halkett, a second tour captain, throwing the large bomber into a steep starboard dive and closing the bomb bay doors at the same time.
A second attack by a twin engine fighter making a pass then breaking off at about 150 yards came just seconds after the first unsuccessful attack of the ME-410. P/O Storms in the Middle Upper gun opened up as the Lancaster again dove away to starboard, his guns stuck home and the second fighter was hit and exploded and fell below the smoke of the target area and was again seen as a fiery streak across the dark sky. Storms was able to claim a confirmed aircraft destroyed.
Pilot Haskett's wheeled the bomber around and completed the bombing run.
Link to KB854 "Trudy Terrific"

His crew were:
Navigator F/O A. W. Puffer
Bomb Aimer F/O J.C. Stillings
Wireless Op. F/O A. Millar
F/E Sgt. N. Wilde
A/G M/U P/O D. W. Storms DFM
A/G R/G Sgt. C. Drinka

Post War

F/L Halkett remained with the air force after the war where he served again in RAF Bomber Command, this time with No. 49 squadron flying the Lincoln bomber. Completing Staff College and assuming command of 404 squadron, retiring in 1968 with rank of Wing Commander.