The Beginings

The S/L Dyer crew arrived at 419 Squadron July 26th 1943 after completeing training at No.23 OTU and No. 1659 HCU.

The Crew on Arrival

S/L Hugh Richard Dyer DFC -Pilot
F/O R.A. MacKenzie –Navigator
F/S W.E. Brooks - WAG
F/O Swenerton DFC - B/A
F/S W.F. Bolton RAF – Flight Enginner
WO L.W. Greenall RAF - MU/G
F/Sgt. E.J. Duncan – Rear Gunner

WO Greenall was on his second Tour when he came with this crew. His initials may be incorrect as the ORB shows him as WO J. Greenall, as well as L.W. Greenall. Both names show with the same RAF Service number as 137881.
On Feb.19th 1944 WO Greenall was posted to HQ 91 Group Unit as Gunnery Instuctor. He then was posted to No.10 OTU.

On March 3/4 the crew added Sgt. G.B. Brittain to replace Greenall. Brittain continued on with the Dyer crew until they had completed their Tour which was sometine in April 1944.

F/S William Bolton completed his first Tour with the Dyer crew. For RAF airmen their duties were not complete until the war was over. And so F/S William Frederick Bolton was assigned to the crew of F/L W.E. Brooks. On May 2/3 Bolton was killed while with this crew of 199 Squadron on Halifax RG373. Just days away from the air war ending. The Halifax he was in collided with another Halifax RG375 of the same squadron on or near the target. Only three of the two crews survived.

Combat Report August 27/28 1943