Submitted by Larry Jarvis

F/S Jack Corrie WAG for F/L Roy Kent crew

Born in Stratford Ontario on September 4th,1921. Jack was forced to drop out of school to support his family when his mother died. Jack enlisted after his older brother (who he said he idolized) enlisted and also became a radio operator. Sadly his brother was killed in the war when Jack was still in training. His younger brother also enlisted and survived the war. Jack was engaged to be married when he began his training.

The wireless operator's station was just in front of the main spar, in the rear part of the cockpit section. In addition to his official duties related to the radio equipment, the wireless operator was also expected to have a working knowledge of the navigator's equipment, understand the aircraft's electrical and intercom systems, and administer first aid as necessary. As well, he was generally on duty in the astrodome in the event of contact with enemy fighters over the target. The astrodome was a dome shaped piece of perspex which protruded above the aircraft's fuselage in order that the navigator could take star shots.

Jack was selected to be part of the Roy Kent crew at No. 24 OTU in Long Marston, England in early in 1944.

Jack and the Roy Kent crew were posted at Middleton St. George arrived on May 26 1944 and flew 32 operational missions between June and October 1944.

Although the information is missing from records it would be assumed that he along with the other members of the Kent crew was screened form the squadron in early November and followed them to "R" Depot prior to returning to Canada.