From his home town of Cabri Saskatchewan, he travelled to a local enlistment office and on June 11th 1941 joined the RCAF. He trained at St.Thomas and other Canadian bases before being sent overseas and arriving in Gourock Scotland on January of 1942.
He was attached to ground crew for 419 Squadron where he stayed until the squadron was disbanded in 1945.
He returned home to farm with his father, bringing with him his Scottish bride. He and his wife continued to keep in contact with members of the squadron and attended 419 squadron reunions. One of which in 1977 was reported in the Teulon Manitoba newspaper.
His memories are similar to most of the men who serviced the aircraft. The many nights waiting until well past dawn to learn the fate of the crews they knew and had sent off only hours earlier. Then the wondering of what became of those who did not return.
He was very active in the Canadian Legion and in 2010 attended the Turning of the Page ceremony in the Peace Tower. The page contained the name of his brother James who was killed in the battle fields of Italy.

Mr. Campbell passed away later that year, August 19, 2010 at age 90, in Teulon Manitoba.