William Bolton was from Romford Essex. He joined the Royal Air Force and trained as a Flight Engineer. He completed his F/E training at No.34 MU at St Athans.

419 Squadron

F/S Bolton joined the S/L Dyer crew at No.1659 HCU and was posted with them to 419 Squadron on July 26th 1943.
He completed his first Tour with the crew around the beginning of April 1944 where they took a crew photo. Like many if not all RAF airmen he continued on to begin his Second Tour.

Second Tour

He was posted to 199 Squadron and to the F/L W.E. Brooks crew.

On the night of May 3rd 1945, while on an operation on Halifax RG373, F/S Bolton and the other crew members were killed when their Halifax collided with another of 199 Squadrons near or over the target for that night.